M A D E   T O  M E A S U R E   –   A T  Y O U R   S E R V I C E
A man is measured by his character, actions – and style. Your perfect warderobe begins with a cost- and time efficient fitting in my atelier, during which I'll guide you through your specific wants and needs. We take your measurements and define your style- and design choices to create your unique garment(s). I offer house calls to your home or office for orders of three shirts or more. If you like, I’ll keep your measurements confidential on file for next time. 
C O S T  
ONE SHIRT  •  From 900 kr   
THREE SHIRTS  •  From 2500 kr  
SUIT  •  From 2500 kr 
P R O C E S S  A N D  T I M E 
1. MEASURE (30 - 60 min)  •  Your garment is designed in Stockholm. 
2. MANUFACTURE (three weeks)  •  Your garment is made, at one of our appointed tailors' factories in Rome.

3. DELIVERY  •  We do a final fitting is before delivery/collection, or if required, make minor adjustments. (two days).